Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


What is SaversClub™
Savers Clubs is a community of people committed to empowering and liberating themselves through the Discipline of consistent savings. It is a product of Casafina Cooperative Multipurpose Society Limited.
What is is an online technology platform that allows members of the club save seamlessly and effortlessly.
How can I join SaversClub™
By simply filling out our online registration form and agreeing to the terms and condition.
Is there a FEE to join SaversClub™
Joining the SaversClub™ is absolutely FREE.


What are the benefits of using
  1. Interest on your savings:
    You earn interest on your savings. SAVERSCLUB members earn up to 15% on their savings. This is higher than you would get on same amount anywhere.

  2. Earn Money from our cash Bonus programs:
    You earn cash bonus when you invite your friend

  3. Convenience and automation:
    You do not need to logon to any platform, visit the bank or have to manually make any transfer to save.

  4. Flexibility of Savings:
    You can stop and continue your savings plan at any point in time based on your financial circumstances without any penalty.

  5. Access to free information on personal finance via our seminars and online resources.

Useful Information

HOW can I earn more on my savings
You can earn more money on your savings with SAVERSCLUB by simply upgrading your savings account to SuperSAVERS or EliteSAVERS Plan. These Plans will offer up to 15% on your savings per annum. These account requires more discipline as you will not have access to your account until the set target date.
HOW do I save on
Simply register on the platform then;
  • Select amount you want to save per time.
  • Select how frequently you want to save; (Monthly, weekly or daily)
  • Select how long you want to save.
  • Provide your card detail.
HOW do I withdraw my money from
At the maturity or when you achieve your savings target, your fund is transferred to your wallet. Simply click on the withdrawal tab. All withdrawal will only be permitted to the bank account you registered when you created your Account. Usually your account is credit within one working day.

Fine Print

WHEN do I withdraw my money from
You can withdraw anytime you choose, however, if you withdraw before you reach your target withdrawal day or amount, you will lose the interest that has accrued to you including all bonus. You will also pay a 1000 Naira withdrawal penalty or 5% of the amount to be withdrawn whichever one is higher. (The idea is to discourage you from frivolous withdrawal)
HOW safe are funds and transactions with SaversClub™
The online platform does not keep your card details. All transaction information are registered and stored directly by CBN license payment service provider. All cash are transferred direct to the club account in a tier 1 bank. All transmission to our banking partner and on our site is via an encrypted 256-bit HTTPS SSL connection.
WHAT happen if I do not have funds in my bank account on the date I am supposed to SAVE
Nothing happens, no penalty or charge, only that you may not be able to achieve your target. You can however top up your account when you have the fund outside the savings day. Simply logon to your account on the platform, click on “top up” tab, provide your card details and indicate the amount you will like to add to your savings.
HOW does the Top up Option work
The Top up option allows you to add to your savings outside the regular deduction or when you miss the savings date because of lack of fund. For example, if you save 2000 Naira per day and you missed five savings period. Simply click on the top up button and top up your savings with 10,000 Naira so you can continue to hit your target.
WHAT if I have friends I want to invite to join the SaversClub™ community
We will be glad to have them, in-fact, you earn a bonus on the people your invite and who start savings. The interest however only accrue when they have started their savings and for as long as they keep the savings.
HOW do I invite my friend
Simply click on the invite a friend link and provide their details. They will get an invitation mail from you and a copy of our free e-book on financial freedom.
I still have questions
Please send your enquiries to
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